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Designer Eyeglass Frames, High Tech Lenses, Great Eyewear Style and Perfomance

Great eyewear doesn't happen by accident and they can't be made on the cheap.

  • The eye doctors use years of experience to determine the best prescriptions for you and your lifestyle.
  • Lenses and frames are then custom-measured and fit by a trained technician who is thinking of your needs and the way you will be using your new eyewear. 
  • Our products are latest-generation - no "older models" or discontinued versions.
  • The eyeglasses are carefully manufactured in a US facility where they don't ship unless they are just right.

Checks and balances are in place because we hold our vendors to these standards.  Unlike many big retailers, we don't own the manufacturers or the lens labs so we are able to hold them accountable to your satisfaction.

eye glass guide

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Eyewear

  • Start wearing your new glasses immediately
  • Wear your new glasses continuously unless prescribed for special use only
  • Wear your glasses as close to your face as possible – poor fit can change the prescription
  • Clean them regularly with proper solutions and cloths to keep the surface free of debris and smudges
  • Progressive Lens Wearers: Point your nose at reading material and adjust your chin to bring reading materials into sharpest focus

Our Products

  • Frames
  • Lenses
  • Contact Lenses

Brands of frames

Oakley, Guess, Nike, Harley Davidson, Flexon, Silhouette (Nitro Location), Jimmy Choo, Versace.

Brands of lenses

No-line bifiocals by Varilux allow you to see better because they provide clear, comfortable vision at all distances. There are no age-telling lines on the Varilux lenses so no one needs to know you are wearing bifocals. High-performance digital lenses by Varilux give you the best clarity and fit possible.

Crizal anti-reflection lenses help you see and look your best. These special lenses have anti-reflection properties that practically make your lenses disappear. Even better, these lenses perform much better, especially in low lighting.

Polarized Lenses practically eliminate glare caused by driving, water and snow. These special lenses actually filter the light responsible for glare and eye strain and take the squint out of your life.

Transitions Changeable lenses make your eyes more comfortable because they are designed to adapt to any light. They darken in the sunlight and lighten back to clear indoors.

Brands of contact lenses

Cooper Vision (Biofinity, Frequency)
CibaVision/Alcon (Air Optix, Air Optix Night and Day)
Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue, Oasys)
Bausch & Lomb (Purevision)


Crizal Non-glare Lenses

Varilux No-line Bifocal Lenses